You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Aiwa Auto Repair:

These guys are simply the best!

T and Le are both extremely helpful and professional.

I had taken my truck in to another auto repair shop twice before to fix my check engine light problem. It was becoming an iconvenience for me, and since they failed to fix the problem, I chose to go to another shop. Fool me twice, no dice.

Aiwa fixed the problem, and told me what the other shop failed to diagnose. No more check engine light, which was a huge relief.

All these great reviews are definitely warranted, as I was more than pleased with the results of my repair.

From here on out, I know where im talking my truck.

Javi N.

This is by far the best place I ever been to for a car repair. They are friendly, helpful, professional, and above all HONEST.

The concern I had was my car was shaking when I pressed the breaks. I first took it to BMW of Escondido, and the service adviser there said it was a broken bushing and quoted me $700 to fix the problem. He then said there were other issues (oil, etc) and to fix everything was $2300. It didn't make much sense to me and my feeling was that this was an attempt to rip me off. I went on yelp and found Aiwa Auto Repair, took the car to them, and they found the BMW claim was kind of bogus, and when they looked at my car they found a completely different issue; it was the break pads. They fixed within the hour for $70!!! How amazing is that! I really appreciate their help, honesty and great work! This is now my new place to take my car for repairs! I love this place! Thank you again!

Heithem S.

There is not of goodness. Suddenly my car got problem with the start. They helped me to start and it was in an amazing time. Everything I can say about them confidently. They are polite well behaved and efficient.

Poul F.

5 stars for honesty!! I have never had such a good experience at a mechanics ever, and will not take my car anywhere else from now on. Took my car in because of a couple of maintenance issues from which I was told by honda and napa that would cost me around 600 dollars! I clearly was being upsold for things that didn't need to be done. I brought it in, they told me the honest truth, and went way above and beyond what I would ever expect (and I'm a tough customer). The guys here are so nice and treated me with the upmost respect. I've always felt like a victim when I take my car to a mechanic, but I won't anymore now that I've found aiwa! Thank you so much!

Chef M.

T, Le, and the staff are car wizards. Always honest, affordable and savvy. I recommend Aiwa to my friends and family.

Cory C.

My lovely wife needed some car repairs and she located this place because of Yelp and we were not disappointed. "T" or "Le" were polite, fast and friendly. The work was done as promised, in a timely manner and at a good price. We will be back in the future for our auto repair needs.

Jeff J.

Le and his staff are friendly, honest and very professional. I've brought my car here for simple stuff like brakes to having my A/C compressor swapped out. If you are looking for an honest mechanic that won't rip you off with unneeded work this is the place to go. Highly recommend Aiwa Auto Repair.

Tom H.

All the 5-star reviews you see for this company are DEFINITELY deserved. A friend & I were sharing 1 car for awhile & when it needed an oil change, she found Aiwa on Yelp. I went with her to drop off & pick up the car and was consistently impressed with the service, especially from Lee.

The oil change was a very reasonable price, they did a free full-car diagnostic to find any other possible issues, and never pressured either of us to buy anything extra. Last but not least, as we were leaving, Lee noticed that one of the rear brake lights was out - he waved us down & replaced the bulb for free ... now THAT'S service! :)

Victoria K.

I've only been taking my cars to Aiwa for a year, but they have taken great care of me and my vehicles each time. I first tried them out after seeing all the 5 star reviews here on Yelp. I'm glad to have discovered it wasn't too good to be true.

I really appreciate the honest and straightforward service they've not only provided me, but I've also seen provided to other customers. I'll continue to go back to them and recommend them to all my friends.

Alfred P.

As long as these guys are in business I will never go anywhere else.

John W.

I never thought I would have a relationship with an auto repair shop, but my '99 Land Cruiser is a very needy child -- I've had to replace the coolant, timing belt, spark plugs, and battery within a span of 6 months. I appreciate that Le has always been clear and straightforward each time I've been there, and that he'll let me know when I don't actually need new brake pads and tires (I am a worrywart). He also kindly takes the time to explain the minimal amount of information I need to know and am able to take in when it comes to the mechanics of my car.

Frances L.

Been going here for 2 years to service my Inifiniti QX4. Le and T have been extremely helpful and have always given me comfort of knowing my car will be taken care of.

If you're looking for a reliable shop that will take care of you, this is the spot to go. I started going here becuase of the ratings and reviews from other yelpers and they all provided very helpful.

Eddie N Christine Q.

My fiancé really likes this place, so I decided to check it out after postponing my long overdue car checkup. Yeah, my check engine light had been on for like a month. And my car was like a sputtering turtle on the freeway. So I was afraid of all of the things they would say would be wrong, but they were helpful, and honest. They didn't recommend anything I didn't need. And fixed only what I came in and asked for.

I would definitely come back!

Mimi Q.

Generally I dread going to the mechanic, its worse than a blind date and eating beets combined. Aiwa however, is the exact opposite of the norm for auto shops. They go above and beyond with customer service, and are the first auto shop I've ever been to which didn't try and push additional services on me. Service was reasonably priced, fast and effective.

I came in with a brake light issue, and these guys had my car finished within the day. They didn't try and sell me on anything extra, called me 3 times during the day to keep me updated, and even drove me to work from the shop, all for under $70.

Mary W.